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          Ottaman acrylic necklace
          electroplated resin light weight necklace
          Acrylic antique brass statement necklace
          Elastic strung glass bracelet
          Acrylic accent toggle chain bracelet
          Natural stone beaded tassel earrings
          Rectangular natural stone cabochon grooved stainless steel ring
          Bangle rhinestone accent bracelet
          Heart shaped natural stone  stainless steel ring
          Rectangular natural stone stainless steel ring
          wired beaded purple glass bib necklace
          wired quartz pendant
          heart shaped wired pendant
          Lacquered chain bracelet
          Resin necklace
          fashion acrylic statement necklace
          Candy color chic acrylic necklace
          Filigree resin hoop earring
          Candy color acrylic statement necklace
          Chic acrylic statement ring
          Multistrand acrylic statement necklace
          Pearl brooch
          Pearl tassel pendant
          Multistrand pearl bib necklace
          Pearl lariat Y necklace
          Pearl jacket earring
          Peacock pearl accent stud
          Shell collar necklace
          Shell hoop chandelier earrings
          Fresh pearl beads set
          Elastic cluster pearl fashion bracelet
          Round pearl chain accent earring
          Filigree alloy statement necklace
          Punk metal bangle
          Metal collar neckalce
          Metal wire chain bracelet
          Metal tassel necklace
          Metal bib necklace
          Metal mesh bracelet
          Chain bracelet
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