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          About US

          Since 1998, Impression Sourcing Limited has been developing its expertise in manufacturing costume jewelry and home?decor?gifts. Impression sourcing takes prides in making beautiful products for some of the world famous brands such as Thomas Saba, Spartina 449, Swarovski, Bloomingdale, Hello Kitty, Besty Johnson etc. It has the capacity to develop 200 styles and produce 200,000 pieces in a month with annual revenue above 5 million dollars.

          We have been doing the OEM & ODM for 18 years for customers mostly from North America and Western Europe with high quality requirements.

          We are specialist in making alloy/brass/silver/stainless steel fashion jewelry and home décor gifts. We combine different components such as Swarovski crystal, pearl, natural stone, lucite resin, feathers etc. to mark every piece special.Our products line cover a wide range such as costume jewelry, metal figurine, bejeweled trinket box, wine stopper, photo frame, shoe clips, key chain, bag accessory etc.


          We are one of the first pioneers in Dongguan to set up an independent QC section to make sure we meet the quality standards of our customers. The independence of QC and no responsibility for P&L make sure the whole QC process goes smoothly.

          quality control-best quality supplier

          We know social responsibility is how a company can sustain in the competitive market. And as a proof, we passed the WCA, GSV and Disney Audit certifications.

          WCA-GSV-Disney Audit certification


          The Impression family is growing. And our clients have good impression about us.

          750Just like we say, our clients are growing together with us.

          Want to be part of the Impression family?

          Let's manufacture your thing on


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          “Your time is valuable, thanks for spending some of it with us”

          With Impression, We all grow